• 2020 Open Air Burning Permits

    May 20th, 2020

    RE: NEW 2020 Open-Air Burning Permits:

    The Smooth Rock Falls Fire Department will be issuing NEW 2020 Open Air Burning Permits. Please be advised that when we do an inspection, we will respect the social distancing measures and we ask residents to do the same. We will not exchange money for the permit, you will receive an invoice in the mail from the Town of Smooth Rock Falls for $25 to pay for your permit. The Fire Chief will conduct an inspection ensuring guidelines are met, along with pictures of the installation. For tenants you must have written approval from the owner of the property. If you currently have a 2019 Open Air Burning Permit, please be advised it is valid until further notice and you will receive a letter in the mail with further updates on when you can renew.

    Q & A’s for NEW Open-Air Burning Permits:

    1) I need to apply for an Open-Air Burning Permit. What are the steps?

    •  To apply for a new Open Air Burning Permit, please go to the Town of Smooth Rock Falls website: http://www.smoothrockfalls.ca/town-hall/departments/protective-services/
    • Please fill in the document and email your application to townhall@townsrf.ca
    • The Fire Chief will contact you to make an appointment for an inspection.
    • Once the inspection is complete, and the application is approved, an invoice along with your 2020 Open Air Burning permit will be mailed to you.

    2) How do I pay for my 2020 Open Air Burning Permit?

    • Currently the only payment method accepted is payment by cheque.  You can mail your cheque to142 First Ave, P.O. Box 249, Smooth Rock Falls ON, P0L 2B0 or drop your cheque off in a sealedenvelope in the mail drop off box located at the front door of the Town Hall.

    If you have any questions, please call the Town Hall at 705-338-2717 ext. 3.


    Michel Pelletier, Fire Chief
    Cc: Yvan Marchand, Deputy Fire Chief
    Cc: Luc Denault, CAO & Director of Economic Development

    Official Notice Here

    Posted on: May 20 2020, 10.58 AM
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