• Corridor du Nord Broadband Project

    High-speed internet is changing the way we live, work and play. Access to affordable, reliable and unlimited high-speed internet service is a necessity for all communities – plain and simple.

    Whether you’re at home, at work, on the road or on your smartphone, you should be able to connect and you should have access to broadband speeds of at least 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload.

    The Corridor du Nord Broadband Project is seeking to provide access to broadband speeds that meet federal targets (Learn More) to households between Smooth Rock Falls and the Lac Ste. Thérèse-Jogues-Coppell areas (See Map).

    The initiative is being led by the Township of Moonbeam in partnership with the communities of Smooth Rock Falls, Fauquier-Strickland, Kapuskasing, Val Rita-Harty, Opasatika and Mattice Val-Côté.

    The survey is seeking responses from residents between the areas of Smooth Rock Falls and the Lac Ste. Thérèse-Jogues-Coppell areas that do not have access to the minimum federal broadband targets. (See Map)

    The data collected from the survey will be aggregated and utilized to support funding applications.  Individual responses will remain confidential and will not be shared.

    The survey is being conducted by Ontario North Consulting on behalf of the Corridor du Nord Broadband Project.

    How and Where to Return Hard Copy Surveys

    Completed printed surveys can be scanned and sent by email to: survey@corridordunordbroadband.ca
    or returned in-person to your municipal office.


    Posted on: Aug 26 2019, 1.38 PM
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