• Covid-19 Tax Relief Plan and Payment Methods Currently Accepted

    May 27th, 2020


    All Residents/Taxpayer

    RE: Covid-19 Tax Relief Plan and Payment Methods Currently Accepted

    News Release

    Ontario Extends Emergency Orders to Keep People Safe

    May 27, 2020

    TORONTO — The Ontario government, in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, has extended all emergency orders currently in force until June 9th, 2020.

    Update to residents/taxpayers for May 27th, 2020: Please be advised that the COVID-19 Tax Relief plan to waive late payment charges has been further extended for the month of June 2020. During the March 27th 2020 Special Council Meeting, Mayor and Council passed a Covid-19 Tax Relief Plan. A Tax Relief option to the taxpayers of the Town of Smooth Rock Falls be implemented as follows:

    – Waiving of late payment charges for the month of April 2020

    – In the event of the Covid-19 plan is extended by Council, the Treasurer will automatically extend by one month each time unless Council lifts the Covid-19 action plan.

    Mayor and Council understand that residents may be in a position of financial stress due to Covid-19. They want to ensure residents will not receive interests on their accounts during this difficult period,  by extending the waiving of late payment charges to June 2020.

     For the full press release please click here


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