• Discontinuation of the Covid-19 Tax Relief Plan and Payment Methods Currently Accepted

    August 7th, 2020

    All Residents/Taxpayer

    RE: Discontinuation of the Covid-19 Tax Relief Plan and Payment Methods Currently Accepted

    Update to residents/taxpayers for August 7th, 2020: Please be advised that the COVID-19 Tax Relief plan to waive late payment charges has been discontinued. During the August 4th, 2020 Regular Council Meeting, Mayor and Council passed the following resolution:

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT By-Law #2020-05, being a By-Law to provide a tax relief program to taxpayers during the COVID-19 pandemic by waiving late payment charges took effect for the month of April 2020 and until such time as the COVID-19 threat has been lifted, was passed during the April 6th, 2020 Council Meeting.

    AND FURTHER THAT due to the Province reopening plan, that the tax relief option be discontinued and that late payment charges be reintroduced effective August 2020.

    In regards to property taxes, following payment methods are acceptable:

    1. Online Banking: We encourage residents to pay their taxes through their online banking system. The Town of Smooth Rock Falls can be found under “Add Payee”. Your account number will be your 19 digit roll number. Your roll number can be found on your property tax bill, starting with 5648.

    2. Credit Card or PayPal: If you wish to pay your property taxes by credit card or PayPal, please visit smoothrockfalls.ca. On the homepage, you will find “Did you know you can pay your taxes by credit card or PayPal account? Click here!” Please click the link and it will direct you to the appropriate page. You will require to register an account and you will need your 19 digit roll number that can be found on your property tax bill, starting with 5648.

      1. Please be advised of the service provider charge. For each transaction, 3% of the payment made and a fee of $0.35 will be added. For example: for $100.00 there would be a charge of $3.00 plus a fee of $0.35 for the transaction.

    3. Pre-Authorized Payment Plan: If you would like to sign up for the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, there are two plans available. Plan 1: Monthly payments taken out the 1st of every month, or Plan 2: payment is taken out on installment due date (4 times a year)

    Please note that this plan is only available for accounts that have no outstanding taxes.

    If you would like to sign up today, please go to:

    a) smoothrockfalls.ca

    b) click on the tab called “Living Here”

    c) on the left panel click “Applications, Licenses & Permits”

    d) you will then be able to find the form called “Pre-Authorized Payment Form”. The form has been made fillable for convenience.

      • Ensure that you state which payment plan you would like. (Monthly or installment)
      • Fill in the application to the best of your capability.
      • Ensure you attach a void cheque with your application.

    e) Once application is filled, please email the application and void cheque to townhall@townsrf.ca where you will receive a response from a Town representative within 24hrs.

    4. Cheques: Please make your cheque payable to the Town of Smooth Rock Falls

    5. Interac Debit Card

    6. Cash: Cash will now be accepted as of Monday, August 10th, 2020.

    7. For all other payments not related to property taxes, cash, cheques and debit card transactions are accepted

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