Commercial and Rural Properties

Commercial and Rural Properties for Sale

The Town of Smooth Rock Falls recently made a number of additional surplus commercial and rural properties available by tender and request for proposals processes. The deadline for tenders and proposals has passed, those that were received are currently being evaluated.

The Town is now in a position to sell some of these surplus properties directly to the public without having to go through the formal tender or request for proposals process. We have updated our information packages to highlight those properties that are still available for purchase, and have included information on the simplified process to purchase a property. By clicking on each property, you can download a complete information package about that property that includes a property description, property maps, CIP incentives, CIP application and zoning information.  It also includes all the information needed to submit a tender bid for that property including purchasing information, tender notice and a ‘purchasing by RFP’ flow chart that shows the complete process step-by-step.

137 Fifth Street, Smooth Rock Falls

139 First Avenue, Smooth Rock Falls

149 Main Street, Smooth Rock Falls

155 Fifth Street, Smooth Rock Falls

157 Main Street, Smooth Rock Falls

167 Main Street, Smooth Rock Falls

168-170 Main Street, Smooth Rock Falls

172 Main Street, Smooth Rock Falls

179-181 Main Street, Smooth Rock Falls

182-184 Main Street, Smooth Rock Falls

Highway 11, Smooth Rock Falls

If you would like to speak to someone from the Town, please complete this contact form and we will be in touch shortly!

To see where each listing is on a GIS map, please visit this page.
(hover your mouse over the star and click on more information)

GIS map of available property in Smooth Rock Falls

Private Businesses for Sale

There is currently a private business available for sale in Smooth Rock Falls, a hardware store.

Blanchette Hardware and Building Supplies
32 2nd Ave
Please contact the owners Robert or Martine Blanchette at (705) 338-7276 or email for further information.

Blanchette Hardware Storefront
Blanchette Hardware Interior

Private Waterfront Property for Sale

There are two lots for sale. For more information please contact William White at

Lot Number 1- asking price $283,900
Plan M290C BIK F PCL (BR); (236.53 Acres): Roll Number 5648 00000428400



Lot Number 2- asking price $1,480,752
Con 5-8, Lots 25-28 PCL; (1,233.96 Acres): Roll Number 5648 00000414300