Programs and Incentives

The Town leaders are supportive of businesses and entrepreneurs and are committed to helping their Town to continue to grow and prosper.

The Town has created a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) to allow for municipal incentives to stimulate private and public sector investment in our community.  It includes incentives to stimulate investment and sets out guidelines for public and private sector improvements. The CIP can provide programs for municipal grants, loans, and rebates for private sector improvements.

Big incentives to purchase municipal property

One of the more interesting programs in the Community Improvement Plan is called the Municipal Property Acquisition and Sale Program, which reimburses purchasers by up to a maximum of 90% below market value.  For example, there are lots in Town right now, that back onto the golf course with a market value of approximately $5,000.  Through this incentive (it comes with some stipulations) you can own that lot for $500.

This discount program applies to both residential and commercial property owned by the Town.

Other examples of some of Smooth Rock Falls’ generous, varied and far-reaching financial incentives for both residential, commercial and industrial include:

  • Enormous tax breaks for new homeowners over three years: 100 per cent the first year, 50 per cent the second year and 25 per cent the third year
  • Economic development incentives for business owners: loans or grants up to a maximum of 15 per cent of eligible costs, up to a maximum of a million dollars
  • Loan guarantees for residential and non-residential construction projects up to 50 per cent of construction costs: up to a maximum of $100,000 for residential and $500,000 for non-residential projects
  • A generous Tax Increment Grant Program for businesses, including: a 75 per cent rebate in year one, 50 per cent rebate in year two and 25 per cent rebate in year three

To find out more about available incentives please contact Shannon Michaud at or at (705) 338-2717 ext. 8.

You can also download the full Community Improvement Plan here.