• International Francophonie Day – March 20

    Smooth Rock Falls is proud to celebrate International Francophonie Day

    International Francophonie Day was established in 1988. It’s celebrated every year on March 20 with a focus on sharing and appreciating the French language and francophone culture. Today there are over 300 million francophones living across five continents.

    This day is about celebrating the French language and francophone culture, and supports the work of the International Organization of La Francophonie. The group organizes political activities and actions that represent cultural and linguistic diversity, and promotes the French language, respect for human rights, peace and sustainable development.

    In Ontario, francophone culture has a rich history. Our province celebrated 400 years of French presence in 2015 by commemorating Samuel de Champlain’s exploration of Ontario. With the help of the Wendat (Huron) and Anishinaabe, his First Nations guides and allies, the land that is known as present-day Ontario served as the longest, most extensive and westernmost point of his travels.

    Posted on: Mar 20 2023, 11.27 AM
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