• Introducing the Smooth Rock Falls Waterfront 20-Year Master Plan

    The Town of Smooth Rock Falls is pleased to share with the residents of Smooth Rock Falls the adoption of the Smooth Rock Falls Waterfront Master Plan. With the input of community stakeholders and residents for the vision and framework, Smooth Rock Falls now proudly has a 20-year plan for the 140 acres Town owned waterfront property.

    The Smooth Rock Falls Waterfront Master Plan is both a vision and an action strategy to enhance the important role the Mattagami River plays to the future of the community in terms of environmental, economic and social sustainability. The Master Plan outlines a vision for incremental, long-term changes along the waterfront district. The plan includes an Action Strategy that will move the Master Plan from conceptual plan to reality. The strategy will be used to guide the Town and its partners in focusing support, setting priorities and allocating budgets.

    To view the Smooth Rock Falls Waterfront Master Plan click here

    For Appendix 07.1 Geo-Technical Desktop study click here

    For Appendix 07.2 Environmental Impact Study click here

    For Appendix 07.3 Archaeological Assessment Work click here

    For Appendix 07.4 Master Plan Financial Analysis click here

    For any questions in regards to the Smooth Rock Falls Waterfront Master Plan please contact Shannon Michaud at 705-338-2717 ext 8 or email shannon.michaud@townsrf.ca



    Posted on: Oct 14 2022, 8.25 AM
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