• James Bay Descent Cycling Team Ends Their Journey in Smooth Rock Falls!

    James Bay Descent cycling team: Ted King, Ryan Atkins, Buck Miller and Eric Batty at the Town of Smooth Rock Falls Town Hall

    The Town of Smooth Rock Falls are proud to have hosted the James Bay Descent cycling team on February 12th and 13th 2019!  The 4-person team of Buck Miller (born in SRF), Eric Batty, Ted King, and Ryan Atkins arrived in Smooth Rock Falls on February 12th.  The team travelled 630 km in 8 days riding from Moosonee down the James Bay Winter Road and the Wetum Winter Road. Through their efforts they raised nearly $7000 for the Timmins Native Friendship Centre Moosonee Office.

    While in Smooth Rock Falls, they were greeted warmly by residents, Town officials, and business owners alike. Their first stop was Town Hall where they were greeted by Town staff and the Mayor.

    James Bay Descent cycling team with Mayor Michel Arseneault at SRF Town Hall

    During their trip Town Hall staff took good care of the team’s truck.

    James Bay Descent team’s truck parked at Town Hall during the trip.

    SRF Freshmart donated food and supplies to the cyclists at the end of their journey. They must have been starving after all that riding!

    The team picking up donated food at Freshmart with Veronique Desbiens

    Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant supplied the riders with a tasty meal on the evening of February 12th.  Town of Smooth Rock Falls Public Works Superintendent Kevin Lebarron, with the assistance of his friend and neighbour Taco, offered the group a place to stay overnight at Departure Lake.

    The next day, the group were treated to delicious breakfast at our own Smoothy’s Restaurant and Gas Bar.  Who doesn’t enjoy a Smoothy’s breakfast?

     The team finishing their breakfast at Smoothy’s.

    Next, the team split up and visited some of our local institutions.  Buck and Ted toured the Cochrane Detox Centre and did a presentation for the patients. Ryan and Eric visited École Catholique Georges-Vanier and talked to the students about their journey.

    Ryan and Eric at École Catholique Georges-Vanier.

    We are so very proud of the James Bay Descent cycling team and so very pleased that the Town of Smooth Rock Falls was able to come together and support them on their incredible journey!  Thanks to all the local businesses and residents for working together to support these amazing individuals engaged in such a worthy cause!

    James Bay Descent cycling team: Buck Miller, Ryan Atkins, Ted King and Eric Batty


    Posted on: Feb 13 2019, 3.35 PM
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