• Junction Road Maintenance

    RE: Junction Road Maintenance

    Dear residents,

    This letter is to inform you that Council approved the pulverizing of the surface treatment on Junction Road at the regular council meeting of November 2, 2020. Due to increased heavy traffic, this will be done to ensure safe passage on the road by eliminating all the pot holes, cracking and heaving of the surface treatment and allow public works to better maintain the road more effectively. Given the tight window and with weather changing the contractor is expecting to start and complete the work in the next week. Limited road access may occur for short periods of time and traffic control will be in place for public and worker safety. Once the pulverizing is completed the road will be graded and compacted for a uniform driving surface.


    If you have any questions surrounding the items outlined in this letter, please do not hesitate contact us.




    Shane D. Skinner, EP
    Director of Public Works
    Town of Smooth Rock Falls

    (705) 338-2717 x 5

    Posted on: Nov 04 2020, 11.07 AM
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