Municipal By-laws

We have several by-laws to ensure business owners operate a legitimate business and residents and businesses maintain their property or building.  Understanding more about by-laws helps owners and residents recognize their responsibilities and avoid consequences for violations.  Please visit the following links to view the Town’s by-laws:

Animal Control By-law No. 2015-01
Building By-law No. 2020-06
Open Air Burning By-law No. 2011-12
Planning Fee By-law No. 2015-22
Proceedural By-law By-law No. 2019-20
Property Standard Committee By-law No. 2008-17
Purchasing By-law No. 2017-25
Swimming By-law No. 2000-08
Waste Management By-law No. 2016-28
Zoning By-law No. 2016-04

These by-laws are authorized and certified as exact copies by the responsible parties. To verify the accuracy and currency of this information, please contact the Town of Smooth Rock Falls at (705) 338-2717 ext. 3 or at