Hockey is popular with Canadians and especially Canadians who live in Smooth Rock Falls!  We have a full size hockey rink with seating that was just recently upgraded.  There is also space to watch from above, behind glass where it is a bit warmer than inside the rink.

The hockey rink is located in the Reg Lamy Cultural Centre and as soon as you walk in the door, you are greeted by photos of one of hockey’s great players and Smooth Rock Falls boy, J.P. Parisé.  J. P. Parisé was a professional ice hockey player who played for Team Canada at the 1972 Summit Series.

Smooth Rock Falls has several recreational leagues – women, men, seniors and minors all have fun and enjoy easy access to ice time.  Unlike other communities where teams can wait until 11pm to get on the ice, the men’s hockey teams in Smooth Rock Falls can play as early as 8pm.

Arena Prices for the winter season:

  • Local minor sports teams are $30.00 + HST($3.90) per hour
  • Hourly rental (Private or adult sports team) $50.00 + HST($6.50)
  • Hourly rental for out of town individuals or groups $60.00 + HST($7.80)
  • Tournaments are $50.00 + HST($6.50) per hour

Summer rentals are 50% off the winter rates.

Contact the front desk to book at or (705) 338-2717 ext. 3.

195-5th Street
Smooth Rock Falls, ON

Minor Hockey in Smooth Rock Falls

Smooth Rock Falls has a great minor league hockey team – Smooth Rock Falls Lightening!  The team had an amazing season this year!  For more information about minor hockey and the upcoming season, check out their Facebook page.

Smooth Rock Falls Minor Hockey Association Facebook Page