• Smooth Rock Falls Reviving After Offering $500 Lots

    “Near north, near perfect” Northern Ontario town received more than 1,000 queries

    SMOOTH ROCK FALLS, Ont. (November 28, 2018) – A year ago, Smooth Rock Falls offered $500 lots and other financial incentives to entice people to move to the northern Ontario community. The bold approach has generated results.

    “We received more than 1,000 queries of interest after our offer of $500 lots made headlines across Canada and around the world, and we continue to receive three to five new queries a week,” says Luc Denault, Chief Administrative Officer, Smooth Rock Falls. “It’s been a bit overwhelming but we’re proud of what Smooth Rock Falls has accomplished in just a year.”

    Since October 2017, 24 new families have moved to Smooth Rock Falls and one family has returned. Additionally, 43 residential and six commercial properties have changed ownership, totaling $3.5 million in sales. Newcomers have come from Toronto, B.C. and southwestern Ontario. Early investors in the community are continuing to re-invest and new businesses are starting to open including a property management and general maintenance business. In addition, there are other potential leads at various stages of development.

    “Moving to Smooth Rock Falls offered our family the same small town feeling we had in southern Ontario, along with attractive home prices and numerous amenities close by. With our last child at home it gives her a great atmosphere to make lasting memories; as well as a great getaway for her older siblings, ” says Courtney, who moved to the community with her husband Brian and their daughter from southern Ontario in July 2018. “Neighbours, businesses and municipal staff were extremely friendly and helpful when we were relocating our family and our home and cottage care business.”

    “The process of converting a query of interest in Smooth Rock Falls to moving to town and opening a new business takes months and often years,” says Michel Arseneault, Mayor of Smooth Rock Falls “We’re taking our time and doing our due diligence; we want to make sure both the individual or business and Smooth Rock Falls will benefit. We’re excited about some of the current prospects and look forward to sharing more information in coming months when details have been finalized.”

    On the heels of its recent marketing success, Smooth Rock Falls continues to offer unparalleled incentives and embrace innovative tactics to grow its population. The Town has secured property to develop an industrial park with 12 conceptual lots. The town’s Senior Housing committee has been very active and is looking to leverage government funding to build affordable units for seniors in 2019.

    The Town of Smooth Rock Falls is re-releasing 12 surplus residential lots for sale this November in addition to 10 remaining commercial lots. Smooth Rock Falls is offering these Town-owned properties at up to 90 per cent less than market value.

    Smooth Rock Falls’ gutsy marketing has attracted the attention of other shrinking communities and today, the small town, which is now known across Canada and around the world, is being seen as a model of how to entice residents and businesses.

    Smooth Rock Falls is a safe, friendly, bilingual town of 1,300 residents. Home to a state-of-the-art hospital, library, numerous churches, French and English schools and an assortment of well-maintained recreational facilities, Smooth Rock Falls is a great place to live and work. Visit Smooth Rock Falls’ website at

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