• Richard “Dick” Holmes Recognition Plaque

    On Sept 28th 2020, Mayor Michel Arseneault presented to Réjean Lamy a recognition plaque on behalf of Richard “Dick” Holmes for his contribution to the Reg Lamy Cultural Centre.

    The plaque reads:

    “Richard “Dick” R. Holmes

    Resident Engineer / Townsite Engineer

    Abitibi Power & Paper Co. Ltd., Smooth Rock falls


    This plaque is issued in recognition of the expertise, hard work, dedication and for being the driving for on the construction of the Smooth Rock Falls Arena.

    Northern Times January 25, 1978 – Réjean Lamy, Arena Manager, “Without Dick, we would never have been able to construct our first indoor arena. He was the instigator and chairman of the rink committee.”

    The official opening of this arena was held on January 18,1952”

    The Town of Smooth Rock Falls would like to thank Sheila Jacques for this initiative & her commitment to the history of Smooth Rock Falls.


    Additional information:

    – The plaque will be placed in the foyer at the Reg Lamy Cultural Centre.

    – If you want to learn more about the history of Smooth Rock Falls, please visit the Smooth Rock Falls Heritage website: https://srfheritage.wixsite.com/home or call and make an appointment at the 705-338-2939.

    Posted on: Oct 06 2020, 1.00 PM
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