• Smooth Rock Falls Water Discolouration

    A message from Ontario Clean Water Agency

    Smooth Rock Falls Water Discolouration

    Smooth Rock Falls has of late been experiencing discoloured water issues in some affected areas of the community, particularly 6th street.

    Please rest assured that the water continues to be regularly tested and that it is safe to consume. Should one experience yellow water, please run cold water taps until clear.

    The cause of the discolouration is the effect that the construction project is having on the flow of the water in the distribution piping. This project is necessary in order to provide sufficient reliable water to the hospital and rebuild critical infrastructure along several streets in the community. During the project, every effort was made to reduce the impact to water customers, however the 6th street area has periodically experienced yellow water.

    Several efforts have been made through the cooperation of Smooth Rock Falls Staff, OCWA Management and both Town and OCWA operations in order to ensure water quality and eliminate the yellow water in this area.

    – Samples have been taken on 6th street to test and ensure that bacteria is not present in the water

    – Chlorine residual samples were taken to ensure sufficient disinfection is available.

    – Valves on Pine Street, Ross Street and 6th Avenue have been manipulated to try to maintain a more even flow through the 6th Street area.


    OCWA encourages the public to continue to provide feedback so that the issue can be measured and more quickly resolved.

    Thank you

    Eric Nielson, Regional Manager

    Ontario Clean Water Agency

    Posted on: Oct 13 2022, 1.24 PM
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