• Street Sweeping Program Starting April 28th – Please do not park on the streets

    The 2023 annual street sweeping program will be on the weekend of April 28th, 2023! (April 28 – 30)

    When you encounter a crew sweeping the streets, please provide them space to do their work.  Motorists are requested to please slow down while travelling in close proximity to the street sweeping equipment and their operators. Please give the equipment space as you drive by.

    Do not pile swept sand from the roadway or your driveway on the road. The sweeper is not able to pick up piles of sand; therefore, it is best if sand is left on the side of the road. Furthermore, piled sand can be a hazard for traffic, pedestrians and cyclists and the Town may not have crews available to pick up piles of sand until later in May.

    The Street Sweeping Program is subject to change depending on the weather as the spring wet weather can impact the performance of the cleaning equipment. Do not park on the street when the sweeping crew is in your neighbourhood. Parked cars can hamper operations and give the appearance that areas have been missed. Please refrain from parking on the street until the cleanup crew has been through your neighbourhood.

    There may be an early morning sweeping crew in your neighbourhood. This early morning work is a temporary disturbance to the neighbourhood and they are usually on your street only once in the early morning during the Street Sweeping Program. The purpose of the early morning start is to provide an additional layer of safety to the residents and equipment operators in high traffic areas, to avoid pedestrians (especially school aged children) and parked cars. Please accept our apologies ahead of time, for this short duration disturbance the operators may provide.

    We thank you for your cooperation.

    If you have any questions please contact the Town Hall at 705-338-2717


    Posted on: Apr 18 2023, 9.21 AM
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