• Town Council Update to Smooth Rock Falls’ Residents

    November 28, 2017

    Dear Residents of Smooth Rock Falls,

    As you are probably aware, the Town of Smooth Rock Falls launched our new logo, tagline ‘Near north. Near perfect.’ and our new website on September 26, 2017. We also reached out to the press to tell the story of Smooth Rock Falls – our new brand, what makes our town so special and what is being done to help ensure Smooth Rock Falls’ future is prosperous and bright.

    You may have seen or heard some of the media coverage since then, it has been incredibly positive! Media from coast-to-coast continue to run articles, news interviews and stories about Smooth Rock Falls. The headline for the media coverage has focused on the innovative incentives the Town is offering in an effort to attract new residents and businesses, in particular the offer of up to 90% off the market value of surplus lots. There were 15 residential surplus lots that were initially put out to tender in 2015 but the Town did not receive any offers at that time and the lots have been for sale ever since with the same offer.

    The media coverage has generated hundreds of emails, phone calls and visits to the Town from people interested in learning more about Smooth Rock Falls. Inquiries were received from doctors, families, business owners, investors, developers and others. It has been overwhelming but very gratifying!

    Council is very pleased to announce the Town has sold all 15 of the residential lots and that there will be new homes built on those lots in early 2018. The developer who purchased the lots is having an open information session about the new homes on December 4th 2017 at the Smooth Rock Falls Curling Club. Everyone is welcome to attend.

    Town Council declared more land as surplus in a public meeting on October 16, 2017. There will be an additional 5 residential lots, 2 rural lots and 7 commercial lots available for public tender. Information about these lots will be put on the Town’s website on Thursday November 30, 2017. Anyone will be able to bid on these lots when the tender is released and these lots will also be eligible for up to a 90% rebate on the market value of the lot. For more information about our Municipal Property Acquisition and Sale Program, please refer to the Town’s Community Improvement Plan available on our website at www.smoothrockfalls.ca

    If you have any questions please contact the Town Hall at townhall@townsrf.ca or call (705) 338-2717 ext. 3.

    Michel Arseneault, Mayor
    Daniel Alie, Councillor
    Marc Blais, Councillor
    Joanne Landry, Councillor
    Sue Perras, Councillor


    See the complete document with French translation below:

    November 28th 2017 Press Release



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