police services board

The Smooth Rock Falls Police Services Board is a three member civilian body that oversees the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Smooth Rock Falls Detachment.

The Board is responsible for setting the overall objectives and priorities for the provision of police service in the Municipality, after consultation with the Detachment Commander. It is also responsible for choosing and monitoring the performance of the Detachment Commander, overseeing the contract for service between the Municipality and the OPP, receiving monthly performance statistics of crime and prevention initiatives and for preparing a business plan.

The Smooth Rock Falls Police Services Board is comprised of a member of Council, a community member appointed by Council and a community member appointed by the province.

The Police Services Board members are:

Sue Perras, Chairperson
Brian Moore,  Community Member appointed by Council
Véronique Dion, Secretary Treasurer of the Board

The Smooth Rock Falls Police Board is seeking a Provincial Appointee member. 

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Residents who are interested in the vacancy may do so through the Public Appointment Secretariat . For more information, contact Veronique Dion at 705-338-2717 ext. 7

Board meetings are held in the Council Chambers four times a year with the members as well as representatives from the OPP.

Meetings are posted on Civic Web.

What is the Police Services Board?

Every municipality in Ontario that receives, under contract, police service from the OPP has a choice under provisions of the Police Services Act to establish an independent civilian board to provide local governance. The Board represents Smooth Rock Falls’ interests towards effective and efficient police service and are accountable to the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission located in Toronto.

What does the Police Services Board do?

Section 10 of Police Services Act sets out the responsibilities boards must fulfill on behalf of the residents of their municipality. The primary role of the board is to establish, in consultation with the Detachment Commander, the overall objectives and priorities for the provision of police services and the safety and security of citizens. Some of the other key responsibilities include:

  • Taking part in the selection of a Detachment Commander
  • Annually assessing the Detachment Commanders performance
  • Overseeing the contract for police service
  • Generally in consultation with the Detachment Commander,  determining objectives and priorities for police service
  • Establishing local policies and protocols
  • Making recommendations to Council
  • Preparing a North Grenville Police Services Board business plan
  • Reviewing the Detachment Commander’s administration of the complaints system

The Board cannot direct the Detachment Commander with respect to specific operational decisions or day-to-day operations of the police service.

The Detachment Commander is responsible for administering the police service and overseeing its operation in accordance with the objectives, priorities and policies of the OPP, with adherence to local issues as brought forward by the Board.