Angele Rochon

My family roots have been here since 1924. My grandfather ‘s family moved here in 1924 and my grandmother’s family in 1926. My grandparents met in the 1930s and married in 1946. My mother was born and raised here. Her family had to move back to Montreal after my grandfather lost his job at the mill.  As far as I can remember, I always wanted to move to Smooth Rock Falls. I feel that I belong here since my younger age.

I visited Smooth Rock Falls every summer from the age of 1 month to 20 years old. I met my husband Jean-Marc Berube on the SRF Golf Course in 2003 then moved here in 2004.

I am currently grade 4 teacher L’École Catholique Nouveau-Regard in Cochrane. I worked at the Early Years Centre for 5 years. As I was studying in Hearst University, I worked as an Intensive Behaviour Instructor (IBI) with children with autism for 6 years. I completed my first degree in psychology, then pursued to get my degree in Education. After completing my second degree, I enrolled myself at Ottawa University and I received my master’s degree in education in 2016.

I was the President of the Conversation Club from 2010-2011. I have been sitting on the Smooth Rock Falls Hospital Board the past 4 years; the past 2.5 years I have been Treasurer on the board and now I’m the Vice-President since June.  I am currently the Director of the fundraising with Arctic Riders.  This is my second year as President of the Pride and Booster Committee that takes care of the organization of Smooth Truck Fest. I was President of Smooth Rock Falls soccer/baseball from 2006-2008. I have and continue to be involved in my community and look forward to my next journey as a Councillor for the Town of Smooth Rock Falls.

Councillor Angele Rochon
Phone : (705) 338-2717
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