Marc Blais

My life and career in Smooth Rock Falls started when my wife and I got married and then decided to move here. I have been happily married for 31 years and have been blessed with three children, two girls and one boy.

I graduated from Ecole Secondaire Thériault in 1979 and then took up a variety of different jobs. I worked in exploration, was a manager of a bar, worked in sales and I was also a diamond driller for many years. I have been working for K & C Powerhouse for 30 years and I’ve been a manager there for the last 20 years.

Once I moved to Smooth Rock Falls with my wife, I felt a connection with the community and wanted to help the growth of our town. As a result, I became a member of Council and have been sitting on Council since 2014. In addition, I am involved in many other community boards and committees. I am the vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce and the C5 Bowling Committee, I sit on the board of the Pride and Booster Committee and the Smooth Rock Falls Economic Development Committee, and I am the president of the Bowling League. During my spare time, I like to partake in hunting, fishing, bowling, curling and spending time with my family.

I want Smooth Rock Falls to grow and people work together to accomplish its growth; where younger people could find work and settle here. I would like our town to be the place to be!

Councillor Marc Blais
Phone : (705) 338-2717
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