Mayor Michel Arseneault

Smooth Rock Falls is very special to me.  My roots in town go back a long way. My grandparents on both sides moved to Smooth Rock Falls and decided to raise their families here. When my parents met, they decided to stay in Town as well and eventually raised me, my brother and my sister here. Following suit, I raised my son here. Four generations born and raised in Smooth Rock Falls!

I completed grade 12 École catholique Georges-Vanier. I worked at the Mill as an Industrial Millwright for 33 years. After retiring I realized my interest in economic development and a deep desire to get involved in enriching my beloved community.

I have been on Town Council since 2001, and, since 2010, have had the amazing opportunity to be Mayor! I have enjoyed working hard promoting our wonderful town and celebrating the bright culture in our community.  In addition, I have sat on a variety of boards and committees such as the North Eastern Community Network (NECN), the Hospital Board, Senior Housing, the Police Services Board and the Chamber of Commerce.

When I’m not at Town Hall, you can find me golfing, fishing, hunting, watching movies and spending time with my future wife, family and friends. I also enjoy getting involved in volunteer work for different Smooth Rock Falls’ organizations. I was a minor hockey coach for 15 years and was the minor hockey president for 5 years. I have also been on the Golf Executive Team for 4 years for our local golf course, Union executive for 6 years and Union president for 2 years.

I am very passionate about my town and its future. What I want most for Smooth Rock Falls is further growth and betterment to ensure it continues to be a place where more people want to live and prosper in a safe and friendly environment.  Smooth Rock Falls has so many amazing things to offer, we need to let everyone know just how special this town truly is!

Mayor Michel Arseneault
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