Protective Services

The Protective Services Department includes: Volunteer Fire Department, Building Inspection, Bylaw Enforcement & Property Standards and Emergency Management.


Do you want to join the team of SRF Volunteer Fire Firefighters?

Fill in the application here, and email it to or drop it off at the Town Hall.

Open Air Burning Permit

To apply for a 2021 Open Air Burning Permit, please click here.



Volunteer Fire Department

The Town of Smooth Rock Falls maintains a volunteer Fire Department, and as a result our citizens enjoy a safe community and lower property insurance rates. The Fire Department is made up of approximately 20 dedicated volunteers who train every other Tuesday night, respond to emergency calls, and support numerous other programs within the community. The department’s fleet includes two pumper trucks, a rescue van, a side-by-side ATV, and a pickup truck. To report a fire emergency, please call 911.

The Fire Department is often looking for new recruits, for further information please contact -the Town Office at or 705-338-2717 ext. 3.

The Fire Department issues burning permits for outdoor burning. A permit is required annually for recreational burning (such as backyard fire pits) and for land clearing fires. Burning is not permitted during a provincial fire ban, when winds are over 30 KPH, between 1AM-10AM for recreational fires and 9PM-10AM for land clearing fires, and whenever the Fire Chief has declared a high or extreme fire hazard rating. Further information on open air burning can be found here and an application for a permit can be found here. Fire Permits can be obtained at the Town Office during regular business hours, an inspection of your burning site may be required.

Building Inspection

The Town of Smooth Rock Falls has an in-house Building Inspector who is happy to answer your questions regarding Building Permit requirements. For more information on Building Permits please visit this page

Bylaw Enforcement & Property Standards

The Town of Smooth Rock Falls has a number of by-laws designed to make our community safe and enjoyable for everyone. Frequently requested by-laws include: Animal Control, Building, Open Air Burning, Property Standards, and Waste Management.

The Town of Smooth Rock Falls enforces our by-laws in a fair and impartial manner, primarily on a complaint basis. We seeks to achieve voluntary compliance whenever possible. If you have a concern regarding a possible by-law violation, please contact the Town Office at 705-338-2717 to speak with the By-law Enforcement Officer.

A complaint form can also be completed and submitted by email to: Please note that anonymous complaints are not accepted.

Emergency Management

The Protective Services Department is responsible for ensuring that the Town of Smooth Rock Falls and our citizens are prepared for disaster. The municipality regularly reviews our emergency plan, trains our staff in emergency procedures and delivers public education on emergency preparedness.

The Town has implemented an emergency notification system where urgent messages can be sent directly from the Town to residents through email, text messaging, and pre-recorded telephone call messages. For further information on the emergency notification system and to register your telephone number or email address click here