Official Plan

The Town of Smooth Rock Falls created a new Official Plan in 2014. The purpose of this official plan is to provide guidance and direction for development and planning decisions within the Smooth Rock Falls Planning Area to the 2034 planning horizon. Decisions that affect an area’s growth and development have long-lasting impacts. Ultimately, such decisions should result in a liveable community that is economically and environmentally sustainable. The goal is to formulate policies that are both easy to interpret and apply and that logically guide development.

Click here to download a copy of the Official Plan.

The development of employment opportunities in a variety of sectors is a priority of the Town Council. Since the closure of the Tembec facility in 2006, the Town’s economy has diversified from mainly forestry to include health care, transportation, energy, forestry, agriculture, mining, and tourism. A well-rounded, vibrant community with economic opportunities for all ages is a key objective. The Town Council will continue to build on the basic necessary community infrastructure to retain existing businesses and attract new investment.

The Town and its leaders have been very proactive in dealing with the closure of the Tembec mill including spending more than $15MM in the last seven years to improve the Town’s situation.  This spending has included setting up financial incentives and grants to attract new residents and businesses, funding support for a new grocery store and creating a new brand and website as well as many other initiatives.