• Town of Smooth Rock Falls Municipal Elections 2022 – What you need to know






    Here are your eligible candidates:


    • Sue Perras
    • Patrick Roberts
    • Kevin Somer



    • Daniel Alie
    • Marc Blais
    • Jean (Joe) Couture
    • Brian Eagles
    • Leslie Gagnon
    • Elianne Gervais
    • Tia Marshal
    • Denise Pelletier
    • Angèle Rochon


    School Board – English Public:

    • Bruce Hayter
    • Cindy Pye Reasbeck


    Think about all the services your municipal government is responsible to provide for:


    • Animal Control
    • By-Laws & enforcement
    • Cemetery
    • Economic Development
    • Tourism
    • Fire Services
    • Waste Collection
    • Recycling
    • Library Services
    • Roads & Sidewalks
    • Licensing & Registrations
    • Parks & Recreation
    • Community Development
    • Planning/Land Use Policies
    • Police Services
    • Property Assessment
    • Public Health
    • Snow Removal
    • Social Services
    • Storm Sewer
    • Water and Wastewater Medical Services
    • Ambulance Services
    • etc…


    Key Dates:

    • Oct 15             Advance poll             Comm. Hall 12 pm to 5 pm
    • Oct 24            Voting Day                Comm. Hall 10 am to 8 pm
    • Nov 15            Term begins


    Proxy Voting

    Should you need a voting proxy, please use the prescribed form available at the Town Hall.


    The Voters’ List is available at the Town Hall

    You can come and add your name to the list of electors up to October 24, 2022.


    Why do I need to be on the list?

    Adding yourself to the list before Election Day will ensure your experience at the poll is fast and easy as possible. Once you’re on the list, all you need to do is show up to vote with identification.



    Acceptable documents that show the name, qualifying address, and signature of an elector are: Ontario driver’s license, Ontario Health Card, Ontario motor vehicle permit, Mortgage, lease or rental agreement, Insurance policy, Loan/financial agreement with financial institution, etc.

    A detailed list is available at the Town Hall. 

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