reg lamy cultural centre

Hockey, Skating, Curling and Golf

Arena Prices for the winter season:

  • Public skating entry is $2.00
  • Local minor sports teams are $30.00 + HST($3.90) per hour
  • Hourly rental (Private or adult sports team) $50.00 + HST($6.50)
  • Hourly rental for out of town individuals or groups $60.00 + HST($7.80)
  • Tournaments are $50.00 + HST($6.50) per hour

Summer rentals are 50% off the winter rates.

Contact the front desk to book at or (705) 338-2717 ext. 3.


The first construction of the local arena started in 1950, and it officially opened in 1952. In 1997, further construction started with the new Reg Lamy Cultural Centre and was completed in 1999. The new centre was able to accommodate more spectators by creating a larger entrance wing, as well as a basement level for change rooms and equipment storage.

SRF Curling Club


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SRF Golf Club

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