• Volunteer Firefighters Recruitment

    Are you looking to make a positive difference? Do you want a meaningful way to give back to the community? If your answer is yes, consider joining the Smooth Rock Falls Volunteer Fire Department.

    Men and women interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter with the Smooth Rock Falls Fire Department must complete the SRFFD Volunteer Firefighter application form. Forms are available through the link below or at the Municipal Office during regular business hours at 142 First Avenue in Smooth Rock Falls

    SRFFD Volunteer Firefighter application form 

    Firefighter Duties

    A Firefighter is a frontline worker that carries out tasks and duties as assigned by an Officer.  Typically, this will include work involving: fire suppression, rescue, apparatus operation, fire prevention, equipment maintenance, and training.  A Firefighter may be given additional duties or responsibilities as assigned by the Fire Chief.

    Minimum Qualifications of Members

    • – 18 years or older;
    • – Physically capable of performing all duties of their position;
    • – Has completed a suitable police vulnerable check;
    • – Is of good character; and,
    • – Resides or works in Smooth Rock Falls.


    Please submit your completed application form by email to firechief@townsrf.ca, by fax at (705) 338-2584 or in person at the Town Hall by February 15th, 2019. Any applications received after this date will be kept for any future position openings.

    Completed applications will be reviewed by the Fire Department Senior Officers. Successful candidates will be invited to an interview with the Senior Officers. All successful candidates will serve a probationary period of up to 24 month. During this period, the applicant shall take such special training and examinations as may be required by the Fire Chief.


    • – Member shall provide the Fire Chief with a suitable police vulnerable sector check prior to hire and every 5 years      thereafter
    • – In any 12-month period, a Member shall attend a minimum of 50% of all scheduled regular training
    • – Members are expected to make a reasonable effort to attend emergency calls when possible.


    All volunteer Firefighters are compensated by an annual Honoraria based on participation and contribution.

    For more information, please contact:

    Michel Pelletier, Fire Chief  705-338-7138

    Posted on: Jan 23 2019, 8.57 AM
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