• Waterfront Master Plan – Draft Framework

    The draft Waterfront Masterplan Vision framework can be found here:

    ***Please note the files below are large and may take a couple of minutes to load in your browser

    Draft vision framework


    City scale

    The process

    Preliminary strategy & stats

    This draft Waterfront master plan vision framework was created with the feedback that was given by stakeholders and community residents at the March 30th & May 18th, 2022 master plan sessions. The framework is not final, the project is continuing into its next phases of slight modifications to the design, archeological review and action strategy implementation review.

    We would like to thank our stakeholders and community members for their continuous input into this project.

    If you would like to get further explanation of the project, please contact Shannon Michaud at 705-338-2717 ext 8 or email shannon.michaud@townsrf.ca

    Posted on: Jul 07 2022, 12.34 PM
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